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Kolyma: The white crematorium
Your donation is very important to keep up this site and to continue my research in the history of Kolyma and to keep up the updating of this site.

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Donations are considered as payments for the content of this site (legal conditions in Denmark) and the outcome will be used for the continuation of Jens Alstrup's research in Kolyma's history.

If donations exceed the needs of Jens Alstrup's research the funds will be donated to Memorial's humanitarian support for the victims of GULAG and their legal work to protect human rights. If conditions deteriorate further in Russia and donations are impossible to transfer to Memorial, the donations will be forwarded to other organisations that support human rights in the Russian Federation.

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Soon the witnesses from the GULAG in the Magadan region ("Kolyma") are no longer with us. Hundreds of thousands of victims and guards have been decimated by age to be just a few hundred people spread all over the World. That makes the research urgent as well as expensive and in Russia the present political system has in reality halted most of the research in this tragic part of history.

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