The project - Statements
Kolyma: The white crematorium
Statements about the project
Mogens Lykketoft, former Foreign Minister, M.P.:

"Research into the Cold War has attracted much attention in recent years in Denmark. I believe that Jens Alstrup's project will be very valuable for this research and it is important to provide funding to Alstrup's project."

Alona Kozlovo, head of the archives, Memorial

(Memorial is a Russian NGO set up to document the crimes of the Soviet Union): ”I'm very interested in "Dobroflot". I think they can give some complicated, but interesting interviews. Unfortunately, I won't be able to work with those people - it's too far and too expensive for Memorial. I'm absolutely sure that next 2 years you'll have an interesting work."

Poul Henrik Westh, chief editor

(Borgens Forlag, publisher). "... with your interest not only in the country and the population and the journey but also increasingly in history, which is currently experiencing a whole new research dimension, and not least in popularisation, you have all the means available to produce not only a captivating description but also a balanced new interpretation of conditions that baffle human imagination and which can guide future understanding of our path."

Stanislaw Kowalsky, pens. Polish/American historian

(Veteran from the Polish Army (1939) and D-Day (1944), political prisoner in Kolyma 1939-1943). "I think that Jens Alstrup's project would be a valuable contribution to this research and it is important to support it with whatever means may be available."

Anonymous, former high rank officer of camp system (not GULAG)

(Identity known to the author): "You shall have this material (original documents from the police archives about Kolyma during the Stalin period) because no one else cares about this aspect of history (as experienced by the guards and the administration during the time of opression). ... I would be happy to help you find more information."

Hunter on the journey to the uranium mines

"Jens, now you are on your way to get some pictures that none have taken before (in the middle of a blizzard). All other people only come here during the summer or just after the first snow. Others may not see the difference but we can!"

Staff member at the Chatholic Church in Magadan

Staff member at the Chatholic Church in Magadan"He (survivor from the uranium mines) has told you mere than he ever has told to us". "Many people come here to talk with the last survivors but I protect them. But your effort is serious and we like to help you and ask the old former prisoners to talk with you."Staff member at the Chatholic Church in MagadanStaff member at Magadan's Catholic Church in Magadan."