Lectures - The white crematorium
Kolyma: The white crematorium
The white crematorium
The road to Butugychag, 2007
A living story

I am an experienced lecturer and firmly believe that oral presentations enhance personal contacts with the audience and show my interest in the topic.

Extracts from history

Kolyma's history covers a period of 100 years the from time a gold digger called Boris first found gold up to the present day when some of the the former prisoners' hardships still persist. It could have been an endless story about the succession of Dalstroy leaders with lists dates and years, but the audience can find such details on this website after the lecture. Instead I prefer to present incidents from the most interestning parts of Kolyma's history.

Understanding Kolyma

What matters in my lecture is the understanding of Kolyma. It is a story of people and their personal tragedies: A story where even those representing the system, like a former colonel, feel that they too are victims of history.

It is a story which teaches a lesson

There is no "happy ending" in the story of Kolyma. Here the villans get medals and double the pension while the victims get nothing but harassment and neglect. But this a true story from real life and hopefully it will encourage us to do want we can in order to protect human rights.

Target groups

The lecture is adapted for three types of audience. History is the most important in one version and human stories and rights are the focus in the second version. The third is mainly about my own motivation and why I have devoted 11 years of my life to this topic.

The lecture targets most people, not only those with a specific interest in Russian history: elementary schools, high schools, libraries, the army, universities, churches, companies, prisons, clubs, labour unions, etc.


The lecture consists of a large number of new and historic pictures, video and sound recordings. Subjects are changed through the lecture, as is the distribution.

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Aleksander, head of the local hunting and fishing inspection in Ust Omtjuk, on the road to the uranium camp with the author. Photo: Jens Alstrup, 2007.
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