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Kolyma: The white crematorium
Links about Jens Alstrups journeys in Siberia

I have deliberately not written about my journeys in Siberia on, but look at and here you can read about my expeditions through Siberia on bicycle and at foot and here you can read more about my great affection of this huge and in most ways very friendly country.

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Memorial, human rights NGO in Russia

Memorial is the leading organisation for the protection of human rights in Russia. It collects and safeguards information about the atrocities committed during the times of the Soviet Union.

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The Getman paintings, GULAG collection

Nikolai Getman's colourful paintings illustrate the hell of Kolyma. Not surprisingly, they had to be transferred to the United States before they could be exposed. Museums in Russia simply did not want them. Tha paintings are protected by the Jamestown Foundation, Washington D.C.

Jamestown Foundation (English)
The Getman paintings (English)

Jagodnoe museum by Ivan Panikarov

The most central of all museums regarinding Kolyma as it is situated right in the middle of Kolyma. The museum is run by Ivan Panikarov by his own account.

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Virtual GULAG museum (Memorial, St Petersburg)

A portal for GULAG websites in Russia. This page exists in Russian, English and German, but most of the links connect to pages in Russian only.

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Varlam Shalamov, a case study

Web about the most prominent of all Kolyma prisoners, the poet and writer Varlam Shalamov. His short stories "Kolyma tales" cannot be used as exact sources for history but they are absolutely unique if you want to understand the very essence of Kolyma.

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Kolyma, The land of gold and death

Stanislaw Kowalsky's website about his journey to Kolyma as a prisoner from 1939 to 1942, when the Polish government in exile had him freed with the help of Winston Churchill. A very good site about a prisoner's personal experiences.

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Open Society Archive: GULAG

A very beautiful web based on the pictures by Tomasz Kizny from GULAG all over Russia.

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Ebbe Munk's site containing Krushchev's secret speech

A very informative site where you can find the full text of Nikita Krushchev's secret speech at the 20th Party Congress in Moscow where he described the crimes of Stalin without any mention of his own. This speech marked the end of the GULAG but the surpression continued albeit on a smaller and less draconian scale.

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